A success story, innovations and achievements!

“Created in January 2005, under the name Fortaleza de Papel Ltda., our company had as its main activity the wholesale trade of recyclable chips, mainly paper. In 2007, following the development of the recycling business, the project to venture into the industrial sector was drawn, and with the guidence of market indicators we made the decision to take up the recycling of plastic materials; Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) specifically.

This way was born Fortaleza da Reciclagem, which later would be given a new name – BrazPol. The factory was built in 2008 and currently occupies an area of 10 thousand square meters, within the town of Fraiburgo.”

  • + 12

    Years of History
  • + 50

  • + 500 k

    Carbon Credit
  • + 950 ton

    Waste Treatment

In 2012, driven by the business´ growth and by the desire to expand in markets that are concerned with the environment´s preservation and that are committed to sustainability, such as recycling, new projects were carried out with the implementation of services of Logistics and Disposal of Industrial Waste.

The project named GFX Environmental – Industrial Attendance was started in 2015, when it originated a unique effort to supply the residue and scrap metal management within the industries, taking advantage of BrazPol´s expertise on the subject. Through this initiative, it allowed each company to leave aside the concern of thinking about factory-waste, providing a completely new and sustainable cycle within each unit.